Carl Chiarenza                                                      other artist exhibiting include Connie Ehinero,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Anne Marcello and Neal McDannel, the Creative Director of the Clover Center.



This is an open invitation to the public to join us at The Clover Center for a great dinner, music by Madrigalia and a four person artist reception for area artist featuring Carl Chiarenza professor emeritus and artist in residence in the Department of Art History at the U of R.  Carl is collected nationally in major museums and galleries. For the dinner, donations accepted, RSVP’s appreciated.

Wednesdays, 6-8 pm, $119.00 for the 6 meetings,
Classes to be held at The Clover Center
1101 Clover Street, Brighton, NY., 473-3200 or 694-8193.
First 6-week session starts, Wednesday, October 18th.
Instructor is Neal McDannel,
Improve your ability to see and render more accurately through deliberate practice and an organized approach. Tried and true techniques are used to create or enhance a sound foundation for further exploration in this 6-week course to be offered again in November. Rendering and creative drawing have a visual language of their own. Guidance through the process will enable you to see what you choose to draw clearly which is the first step in mastering drawing. You will use various drawing material to create still-life drawings with options to draw portraiture’s, abstractly and /or from personal photographs. Any skill level is invited to come.

For details on the class click on the image above. or call 473-3200 or 694-8193.


For details on Spirituality workshop offered, please click on the image or call 473-3200 and leave contact info if no answer.


On June 30th we hosted the first of our Summer series concerts. This featured the Coup De’ Villes and supported the Raihn Charity. Enjoy!

On July 7th we hosted the second in our Summer concert series. This featured Brenda and Kevin Nitsch and supported the Cameron Community Ministries.

From July 14th’s Concert, The East Main Street Band.




Heres one from Sam Nitsch….